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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Moving Rocks at Death Valley

Natural phenomenons are absolutely remarkable. Have you ever imagined rocks moving alone? Well, this is exactly what happens to the rocks of Racetrack Playa, Death Valley, they are known as a mysterious geological phenomenon. These rocks weigh the size of a human, or even more, they slide across the Death Valley all by themselves for great distances, however, no one has ever taped nor seen these rocks moving, therefore the speed that the rocks travel at, are not known. There is no theory that can explain why the rocks travel side by side, some may all of a sudden move direction to the right, left or even move back to the direction it came from. Two rocks with the same resemblance could travel uniform, and then one could burst ahead or stop dead in its track, all of this adds to their mystery.

Many people believe that paranormal forces are at work here. Possible explanations have been put forward over many years. Interested geologists think that one of the most reasonable explanations for the strange movement of the rocks is because of the powerful winds that blow through the canyons as well as in conjunction with the wet mud, but that hasn’t been proven either.

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