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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Petroleum - Black Gold

Petroleum, or crude oil is a product that is very much valued, in fact it is also known as the "Black Gold". For those who don't know, history of it's origin relates back to at least 200 to 400 million years ago when enormous layers of organic material made up of vegetable and animal remains were carried by rivers to the bottom of the oceans and began to decay. They became mixed with other dead remains and slowly this mass of decaying material was transformed into a thick black liquid.

Some petroleum deposits lie in off-shore waters and others lie in the bottom of lakes. In fact, one of the richest deposits in the world is at the bottom of lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, South America. Other great deposits lie at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and the Persian Gulf. Some of the richest petroleum deposits in the world have also been found under the arid deserts. In the 1930´s oil was descovered in Kuwait and since then, Kuwait has become one of the world's richest. It's reserves are about one quarter of the earth´s total.

Some examples made from oil are gasoline and fuel for heating our homes. Oil is used for making plastic wrappers that protect food. Many of the clothes we wear are made of oil products.

Have you ever thought that some day we may be in trouble? Well oils will be dried up because man is using up this product too fast.

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