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Monday, 24 August 2009

Elephant with Slippers

The zoo keepers of Paignton Zoo Enviromental Park in Denvon offered a 40 year old Asian Elephant named Gay a comfy pair of elephant slippers. I guess you are probably wondering to yourself why an elephant would want to wear a pair of slippers. Well, apparently Gay had sore feet. The zoo keepers noticed that she had an abscess on her right front foot last year and this year January another abscess appeared on her left front foot. After treating her with regular pedicures, anti-inflammatory treatments and so on, the zoo keepers reached the conclusion that what she needed was for a specialty animal-products company to handcraft a special pair of high-tech, breathable slippers for her. These slippers were fabricated in Australia, and cost a little over 400 dollars.

Fortunately, with these new slippers, Gay will feel much better, they will help her feet to heal and alleviate her pain. Elephants are capable of getting painful feet for several different reasons; some of them are posture, age, arthritis and bruising (for standing on stones).

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