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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Why some Tigers are already extinct !!!

Tigers are in danger of extinction! 
According to the above video, these magnificent cats have gone from 100.000 to 6.000 when you join the number of all 5 remaining subspecies! 
The Caspian Tiger, the Javan Tiger and the Bali Tiger are already extinct. 
Unfortunately, wild tigers have few natural threats...but the biggest threats are from humans! 
From poaching, loss of habitat, and from being killed for their fur and bones. 
This is why the project called nini started. 
They use remote cameras to study these cats in the wild without disturbing their natural habitat. 
They are also working hard on habitat preservation and anti poaching patrol! 
Please help support big cat rescue’s nini project at:

We must stand as one to save these great cats…before they are gone forever! 

(information taken from above video)

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