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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Dalmatian Horse Spotted On Dartmoor

The British spotted pony, which was named “Spotty”, as you would have thought, was born in April (2010) at Wembury Point, near Plymouth despite the fact that his family usually grazes on Dartmoor. The young horse, who was born to a chocolate brown mare, shares the same out of the ordinary coloring as his father.

British spotted ponies have a diversity of color types including white spots on a dark background which are identified as "snowflake". Spotty's black spots on a white background are known as "leopard spot".

The markings were a natural camouflage for ponies wandering the heaths and woodlands of ancient Britain and are included in a number of Stone Age paintings and on manuscripts of great age. During Roman times the horses were presented to notable officers as a sign of their power. Approximately 170 are born in Britain every year.

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