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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Saola - Asian Unicorn Spotted For First Time After More Than A Decade

One of the rarest animals in the world, known as the “Asian Unicorn” was spotted for the first time after more than a decade. According to conservationists, the creature died after villagers had taken it into captivity in an isolated region of Laos. The Laos government said villagers captured the Saola this year - August and brought it back to their village.
It is not comprehensible why the villagers, who supposedly found the animal in the village's sacred forest, took the Saola into captivity, but the authorities are encouraging villagers in the area not to capture them and to release any they might come across.

When news of the capture reached the authorities a group was sent, advised by the IUCN and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), to observe and set the animal free. Sadly the adult male Saola became weak due to several days in captivity and died soon after the group reached the isolated village. It was photographed (above image) while still living. The critically endangered mammal, which is found in the mountains of Vietnam and Laos, was initially discovered in 1992.
The Saola - Asian Unicorn is listed as critically endangered, with just a few hundred thought to exist in the wild. It has never been seen by conservationists in the wild and the last confirmed sighting was from camera traps in 1999. Unfortunately, if the species vanish in the wild they will be extinct.

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