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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Swim With Dolphins - The Best Summer Vacation Of Your Life

I have always wanted to swim with dolphins and guess what? This summer I am finally going to have my chance here at Portugal - Algarve Zoomarine. The Dolphin Emotions Premium is an educational experience that’s unforgettable for adults and a child’s dream come true. In fact, it’s my top pick for the best summer vacation of your life.

The program begins with an educational talk, where the participants will learn some amazing facts about the bottlenose dolphin. After the quick lesson, they will suit up for the pool and spend about 30 minutes in the water (under the supervision of a trainer), where they will meet dolphins and experience moments of tenderness and affection. The participants will also perform an aquatic behavior sequence with these extraordinary dolphins that will with no doubt win the participants over with their sweet personality and intelligence.

During the dolphin encounter, participants are accompanied by an educator who will be able to answer any of their questions. The total duration of the experience is about 90 minutes (which includes the educational session, time spent getting changed and session in water). The maximum participation in each session is of 12 participants. For more information, logon to

If you’re looking for a memorable family vacation, The Dolphin Emotions Premium at the Portugal Zoomarine is well worth the cost, you will, with no doubt, leave with special and unforgettable memories and a better understanding of these extraordinary gentle ocean mammals.

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This is something I have always wanted to do also. I live in the U.S. and there is a seaport in Connecticut where people can do this.

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