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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Take Your Pet With You On Holiday!

"Love Your Pet Enough To Care"

Going on holiday? And what about your pet? Well, if you decide to not take your pet with you, then don´t just leave it by itself at home with what you suppose will be enough water and food to last them during the time you are away. This is extremely cruel, therefore if you are planning on not taking your pet, strongly consider giving your pet to someone whom you trust and will be able to care for them while you are away. If you cannot get someone to take care of your pet, your next best option is to take it to a Kennel or Cattery where they will be cared for and will be given constant attention from other people.

Have you given the thought of taking your pet with you on your holiday? Nowaday they can go with you to many places such as caravan parks, holiday cottages and even to bed and breakfast hotels. All you have to do is search for the right place. Don´t however take your pet with you if you don’t have authorization because you may find yourself in trouble with the proprietor. You should always first check with your vet concerning vaccinations, documentations, medication to ease travel stress, ID tags, and so on. Also confirm with the train, bus, airline, etc. about the best way to take a trip with your pet. Don’t forget that travelling to a holiday destination is sometimes stressful; therefore it is probable that your pet may become stressful. However some pets love travelling by car or even by train, and for these pets , it will be great fun! Whilst you are on holiday make sure your pet doesn’t run off, take good care of your pet! Have fun and enjoy that perfect summer break with your family and … your pet!

Image: Pet-friendly Holiday Lets

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