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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Have You Ever Been To A Tiger Meeting?

I have a big passion for Aircrafts, but unfortunately I have never been to a NATO Tiger Meeting which in my opinion must be breathtaking. I work near an Air force Base (Maceda/Ovar – Portugal, distance 2.8km), and now and then I hear the incredible sound of the F16´s when they perform low flybys right above our building (as a result of landing and takeoffs), but when I turn to look out the window, they are nowhere to be seen! I have only been once to the Red Bull Air Race in Portugal and I really enjoyed it very much. Like I said, I love Aircraft’s!!

I came across an awesome site with hundreds of incredible images of Aircrafts that have the most beautiful art/paintings on it (tiger paintings are my favorite). The below images were taken from this site. If you also have a big passion for Aircrafts, then you “must” definitely have a look at this site: “Florennes Aviation Society – Photo Galleries”. By the way, for those of you who are in France, don´t forget about the NATO Tiger Meeting in Cambrai Airbase (from 9th to 20th of May). For more details about where NATO Tiger Meetings are held, go to: NATO Tiger Association

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