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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Meet The Most Poisonous Fish In The World

The Sea may seem quiet and peaceful, nevertheless, you should be aware that there are many dangers lurking beneath the surface. I read an article the other day about the deadliest creatures living in the sea, and one of them is the Stonefish (belonging to Synanceiidae family), which is cosidered as the most venomous fish in the world.

These incredible fishes are the “masters of camouflage”; they have a grayish-brown color and often resemble a rock, which makes it even more dangerous, as people unintentionally step on them, thinking that they are stones. Stonefish have 13 grooved spines on their back that inject very potent venom once pressure is placed on them (for example, when a larger fish attacks the Stonefish or when a person steps on the Stonefish). The Stonefish´s venom causes excruciating pain, shock, temporarily paralysis, and eventually tissue death. Depending on how deep the sting is, this venom can kill a human in a few hours unless he receives medical attention. “Stonefish are only dangerous if stepped on or caught”.

The stonefish feeds on other small fish or shrimp. The victim hardly notices the Stonefish because of its great camouflage (looking exactly like a rock). The fish will wait for its victim to swim by and then with lightening speed the fish opens its mouth and sucks the victim in. Stonefish reach up to about 15 inches (35 cm) in length and live in the Indo-Pacific region and northern Australian waters. They are primarily marine, however some species are known to live in rivers.

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