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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

What A Beauty - Images Of The World's largest Water Lilies!

Victoria amazonica (the world´s largest species of water lilies) is one of my favorite plants because it is so unique, like from a fairy tale! It is renowned for its huge greenish leaves (up to 3 m in diameter) that float atop the water and its beautiful night blooming (open at dusk and close by noon) pineapple sweet-smelling flowers (up to 40cm in diameter) that bloom during summer. Each flower usually lasts about 24 hours. They open white the first night and become pinkish to rose-purple the second night. Victoria amazonica is indigenous to the shallow waters of the Amazon River basin. These amazing water lilies can support up to 70 pounds.

This giant water lily was once called Victoria regia after Queen Victoria of the UK when it was discovered by the explorer Robert Schomburgk in 1837, but the name was superseded.

Source: wikipedia
For more images: just4funpak

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