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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Orangutan Does Daily Chores With Washcloth

Orangutans are remarkably intelligent. An elderly orangutan at Tokyo’s Tama Zoo became an Internet star when she was filmed cleaning herself off with a washcloth. The attached video shows Gypsy the orangutan dipping a washcloth in water, ringing it out and wiping her face and upper body. (I find it so cute how she sniffs the cloth after nearly all wipes.) Gypsy even likes to mop up split water droplets afterwards.

Here you can see the primates cleaning away, doing housekeeping as well as personal cleanup. Gypsy also shows how handy a straw hat can be, since she initially makes use of it as a head topper, then as a toy/edible, and to conclude as a pot and mold for soil.

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