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Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Vet's Nº1 Choice In Pet Nutrition

This post brought to you by Hills Pet Nutrition. All opinions are 100% mine.

We used to spoil all of our pets with lots of extra animal food, treats and biscuits until a few months ago when Rex, our 9 year old Rottweiler became seriously ill. Our Vet advised us that an overweight animal is neither happy nor healthy, and that Rex had fallen into this category, therefore we had to mend this bad habit immediately. Alas, overweight dogs are likely to suffer from many illnesses such as heart disease, constant fatigue, cancer, and other incapacitating and life-shortening problems. To get our pets life back into form we began to follow all of the instructions that our Vet had given us. In addition, I also started sifting through various sites on the Internet about innovative nutrition and Veterinarian knowledge when I came across Hill's Pet Nutrition. They have an excellent challenge going on at their website which is called the Healthy Mobility Challenge, and if you register now, you will receive 30 dollars in Hill's Healthy Mobility Coupon offers. Furthermore, registering will automatically enter you in the sweepstakes where you can become one of the 30 lucky winners to receive FREE PET FOOD for an entire year! The information that I read at Hill's Pet Nutrition was very reassuring, therefore I have no doubt that if we start feeding our pets Science Diet Healthy Mobility Dog Food they will live a longer, happier and more active life.

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