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Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Heaviest Snake In The World

image from wikipedia

The Green Anaconda is currently known as the heaviest snake in the world due to its massive weight which can go up to 550 pounds (227 kg). This unique creature is a non-poisonous constrictor with a skin color that is either olive green or yellow with oval black to brownish patches along the length of the body. The pattern of the patches is exclusive to each snake, just like a human fingerprint. Its head is relatively small (right side of image), featuring bright orange-yellow stripes on each side.

The Green Anacondas eyes and nasal openings are positioned high on top of its head allowing it see its prey and breathe while situated just beneath the water's surface. Anacondas are constrictors, which mean they coil their muscular bodies around their prey and squeeze them to death, after which they swallow their prey whole. They will eat just about anything they can overpower, including fish, birds, mammals and other reptiles. Their slow digestive systems allow a hefty meal to last for weeks or even months.

Green anacondas are viviparous reptiles, which mean they give birth to live young instead of eggs. The babies measure around 15 to 30 feet long and within hours, are able to swim and hunt.

These unique reptiles live in swamps, marshes, and slow-moving streams, mainly in the tropical rain forests of South America in areas such as the Amazon and Orinoco basins.

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getlostinmakati said...

whoa! that's humongous indeed! i wonder if you were able to feature the heaviest croc in the world which was recently found in the Philippines and it's size was pproved by the Guiness.

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