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Monday, 9 July 2012

The World's Smallest Possum

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Have a look at the world’s smallest possum, which is known as the Tasmanian pygmy possum, or the Little pygmy possum. This incredibly cute creature has a thumb sized body, with a prehensile tail that can support its entire weight, and widens at its base to store excess food as fat. It is the only pygmy-possum with grey fur on the underside; the under parts are fawn or brown. It has a short snout with long whiskers, and large, erect hairless ears. The eyes are directed forward and surrounded by slightly darker fur. 

Nocturnal and generally solitary, this marsupial feeds in low bushes and shrubs, or on the ground, on a variety of small animals from lizards to insects. Although a good climber, it rarely ventures into the higher branches of trees, most probably because this would make it more susceptible to avian predators.
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