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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Spiders That Throw Nets Over Their Prey

The spiders that you see at home or in your garden catch flying insects in their webs. However, a few days ago as I was sifting through the Internet I came across a small group of spiders that use webs to capture insects on the ground. The colorfully named Orge-faced spiders spin a small casting web between the tips of their four front legs. They hang on a single thread from a branch so they are positioned just above the ground.

When an insect wanders under the motionless hunter, the spider plunges its stretched net-like web downwards to envelop and entangle its unwary passing by insect. If successful, the spider will then silk-wrap the insect, bite and paralyze it, and then feed on it. Net strikes will also be made at flying insects that wander too close. An unused net is now and then stored by hanging it on close by leaves for the following night's hunt, or the spider may possibly eat it. The Ogre-faced spiders are named after their large pair of protruding eyes situated at the front of the head, which let them see extremely well at night.

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