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Friday, 1 February 2013

Pink Geckos Noted For Their Webbed Toes

image credit wikipedia 

Pink Geckos (Pachydactylus-rangei) are noted for their webbed toes, which enable them to run across desert dunes without sinking into the loose sand of their native habitat. These incredibly cute creatures spend their days in deep burrows that they dig in the sand, and venture out to the surface to forage only when the desert’s temperature has dropped at night. 

They are recognized as incompetent hunters because their prey can effortlessly avoid them. However by hunting at night they take advantage of the lack of competition from other lizards during the hours when insects and spiders are off their guard. Their large, bulb-like eyes and vertical pupils help them see very well at night. Like most Geckos, they lack eyelids - instead, the eyes are covered with a transparent scale, called a spectacle, which is cleaned by periodic licking in order to keep them moist. 

Human activities threaten the Geckos survival. People hunt them for food, and in many areas, their habitats have been destroyed. Some laws have been passed that help to protect the lizards.

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