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Sunday, 30 June 2013

One Of The Noisiest Insects In The Insect World

For having relatevly small bodies, Cicadas are one of the noisiest insects in the insect world. When many Cicadas are singing together the sound can be defeaning. Only male Cicadas produce clicking and chirping noices while performing mating calls that can be heard by females up to 1.6 kilimeters
(1 mile) away.

Male Cicadas produce their calls from the rapid vibration of the ribbed drumlike plates called tymbals located on either side of their abdomens (rear body section). Each tymbal is composed of stiff material and is shaped into a curve. When a muscle pulls on the tymbal, it pops into a curve that bends the other way. That movement makes a click. When the muscle relaxes, the tymbals return back to their original shape. The tymbals are clicked many rimes per second.

Did you Know?
In China, male Cicadas are kept in cages at pets. People like to listen to the insect's calls. Female Cicadas are not kept in cages because only male Cicadas sing.

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