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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Weird Looking Sea Creatures

An alert Angler-fish swims in the dark, cool waters nearby the Norway’s Lofoten Islands. The fish has shapeless skin and a distinctive face but is best recognized for its method of feeding itself. While traveling the seafloor, the fish makes use of a built-in rod with a tempting filament “lure” that catches the attention of small fish. 

This striking fish has red lips and fins made for wandering the seafloor nearby the Galápagos Islands. The red-lipped batfish is one of various 60 species of Bat-fishes, “flattened” from life on the seafloor and adapted to stroll on modified pectoral and pelvic fins. Like other Angler-fishes, Bat-fishes also use a built-in fishing rod snout, equipped with a retractable appendage, to attract victims near to their lips.


A vibrantly colored clown Frog-fish boasts its stuff on a reef nearby Bali, Indonesia. Members of the Frog-fish family in general keep a much lower profile, depending on the art of camouflage—even changing colors—to maintain out of sight in their reef homes. Frog-fish show off an array of spots, stripes, warts, and other skin irregularities that allow them to try to be like neighboring plants or rocks.  

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