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Thursday, 17 September 2009

CLYDE – The travelling cat that disappeared during 3 years

If only Clyde, the long-haired Himalayan cat could talk!!!
Where he had been for the past three years and how he managed to travel 2,400 miles into the Australian Outback, no one will ever know, but thanks to an identification microchip, he returned home.

At the age of one, Clyde wondered off one day and never came back home. His owner speculates that he was unintentionally taken away from his home town in Magra, 40km north of Hobart, after getting into a traveler’s vehicle. Four months ago a Nurse in Cloncurry, found Clyde wandering around the Cloncurry Hospital grounds and decided to take care of him, but she had to give him up as she was leaving town and could not take him with her. Clyde was turned over to a local veterinarian Donna Weber, who traced Clyde's owner from the identification microchip that was imbedded underneath his skin.

Four year old Clyde was reunited with his owner who was overjoyed about his return; it’s something that the family never expected to happen. All they want now is for their lovely pet to feel at home again.
What a beautiful “Cat´s Tale”…

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