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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween – Ideas To Make Cute Animal Costumes for Infants

Costumes are a big part of most people’s Halloween celebration, and before you know it… Halloween will be here again. If you are still trying to find or looking for inspiration to make Halloween costumes for your infants, why not give some of these creative ideas a try. Children look so adorable dressed up as animals such as lions, cats and so on, especially with whiskers painted on their round little cheeks. Below are a few samples that I pulled out from a website that has lots of cool animal costume ideas. Go and have a look at this website for more ideas, and Have Fun!

Create this "sweet" costume with brown fabric and white feathers. Use felt for the eyes and beak.
Furry fabric and pink ears create an "adorable" skunk costume for your little stinker.
Use curled black and gold ribbon to create an "impressive and adorable" lion's mane. Your child will be irresistibly cute!
Dress your child in a gray sweat suit to make this "adorable" and cozy costume. Floppy ears, elephant boots, and a long trunk complete the look.

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