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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Cheetah Cubs Pictured Climbing Trees

Have a look at this image, don´t you find it remarkable? Six cheetah cubs which are still covered in their baby fluff and balancing on legs that give the impression of being too long for their bodies have been pictured climbing the acacia tree, just like their mum, outside the Kicheche Camp in Kenya's Masai Mara. I am quite surprised to see that all the cubs have reached this stage. Sadly, something like 90 per cent of cheetahs are killed during this time, because there are so many dangers out there in the wild (including lions, leopards and hyenas). The species is believed to be endangered. Estimation suggests some 12,500 cheetahs are living in the wild, and are spread across 25 African countries. Namibia is known to have the densest population - the southern African state is believed to be home to something like 2,500 of the cats.

A quick fact - cheetahs are amongst the most agile creatures on the planet, and are renowned for being faster than any other land animal.

More information and images: Dailymail

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