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Saturday, 26 March 2011

What A Miracle: Baby Porpoise Saved After Japan Tsunami!

Rescuers have found and saved a baby porpoise that was stranded in a rice paddy where it had been swept away by March 11´s massive earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan. According to a pet shop owner Takashi Wagatsuma, who had helped save the baby porpoise, it only had a small number of scratched but seemed otherwise ok. The baby porpoise was spotted on Tuesday splashing about a mile from the coast. The animal was immediately rescued and wrapped in wet towels and then taken back to the sea, where the rescuers set it free. According to Ryo Taira, who was also involved in the animals release, “there is no certainty whether it will live, but it's surely a lot better than dying in a rice paddy". Finless porpoises, which are short of a dorsal fin, are native to much of coastal Asia. They can grow to be approximately 5 feet long.

With great sadness, in addition to leaving more than 10,000 dead (the official death toll doesn´t stop climbing) and 17,500 missing, the massive earthquake and tsunami has left numerous stray and stranded animals throughout the disaster zone.

Source: Daily News-See video of baby porpoise

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