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Friday, 7 October 2011

The Biggest Frog In The World

The Goliath frog (Conraua goliath) is recognized as the largest frog in the world, measuring up to 33cm in length from snout to vent, with legs stretched out this titanic amphibian can reach a length of 80cm!! Goliath frogs live in only a few rivers in the West African countries of Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea and are at risk from disappearing altogether because of habitat destruction and its collection for consumption as food. The species is also collected for zoos and the pet trade, but unfortunately Goliath frogs don’t breed or survive well in captivity.

Adult Goliath frogs eat insects and crustaceans. Sometimes they eat smaller frogs as well. The tadpoles, however, are plant eaters and will only feed on certain species of water plants that are found near rapids. Unlike most other frogs and toads, Goliaths are silent; not having a vocal sac in their throat to make any sound thus courtship does not involve displaying any calls. Goliaths can live up to 15 years in the wild and up to 21 years in captivity.

The Goliath frog is with great sadness classified as an endangered species on the IUCN (The International Union for Conservation of Nature) list due to a 50% decline in population size in the last three generations.

Take a leap! Join the Frogs Are Green cause to raise awareness about the threats frogs face in the world's changing environment, and to spread the message that healthy frogs mean a healthy planet for all.

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