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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tree Climbing Goats Of Marocco

Image from: Nick Outram

Did you know that goats could climb trees? Well anyhow, I didn’t and it turns out that these skilled mammals climb trees very frequently in Morocco!

The goats that you see on the photo climb evergreen Argan trees (found mostly only in Morocco) with incredible ease, because they like to eat the delicious fruit of the tree, which is similar to an olive. I knew a few things about goats, but I definitely had no idea that goats could climb trees! Before you reach the conclusion that “it’s just a Photoshop Job”, check out the following video. Pretty cool!

1 comment:

Alexis Wilke said...

Many goats are actually found in mountains, in places where we wouldn't go. But with 4 legs on the ground they have a much better equilibrium. Also their heals protect them from sharp rocks and such.

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