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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Organize Your Life With Clipix

I usually do a lot of research on many websites that has great information regarding animals, nature, landscapes and environment. Until a few weeks ago I had a big problem regarding this issue because as I sifted through these websites, I would bookmark the best sites and it was becoming completely disorganized.
Coincidentally a friend of mine told me about a tool called clipix that she was using in order to help her organize and group sites together, so I decided to give it a try. And guess what… this tool has done wonders for me! Not only is it extremely easy and simple, but it also presents your results in a very nice graphical layout.
What I really like about clipix is that you can maintain customized privacy setting or share your clips with friends and family. They also have a great feature called Syncboards which allows you to work with friends and family, in other words you all can add clips to a centralized board.
Sign up today for free and start organizing your websites accordingly. Please don´t hesitate to leave your comment about this great tool and let us know how you will be using it. Furthermore, make sure to follow clipix on Twitter and check out the Youtube video (below) for a great introduction to the site:

By the way, I am currently doing a research on one of my favorite animals, which is the Siberian Tiger, and hopefully I will be able to have my article finished by the end of this week. Clipix will with no doubt help me immensely!
(check out the screen grab at top of post of my Siberian Tiger research board)
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