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Friday, 2 March 2012

Let´s Monitor A Polar Bear Cub Through A Daily Live Cam

Have you already met Siku, the polar bear cub that was born on November 22 (2011) at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark? By the way, Siku's name means “sea ice” in the Inuit language Iñupiaq. Apparently this incredibly cute cub won thousands and thousands of fans all over the world after a video of him was released on the Internet (see below) where he was seen sleeping, stretching, sucking a keeper’s thumb, and wriggling with joy as he was tickled by his keeper.

At two days old, Siku was removed from his mother, Ilka and was bottle-fed by the keepers because she was unfortunately unable to produce enough milk (for the third running year) to feed him. Internet users are now able to monitor during a few hours a day the little bear doing incredibly cute things through a daily live cam available on the following site:

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