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Monday, 15 February 2010

One-Month-Old Leopard Cub Found On Family´s Doorstep

A one-month-old leopard cub was found in northern India after emerging out of nowhere and wondered onto a family´s doorstep. No one knows whether the mother deserted her cub or whether she got lost or was killed.

As soon as receiving information that the villagers had found a cub, the Deputy Ranger of India´s Forest Department Ram Gopal Chauhan arrived at the village of Bijnor. “When we reached the site, we saw it was a leopard cub, one-month-old, he said” To ensure his safety we took the cub to our station, where we fed some milk. Then we took it for a medical check-up.”

Ranger Chauhan and his team are hoping that the cub will be reclaimed by its mother, that is, if she is still alive... Unfortunately, Indian leopards are increasingly being threatened by poachers. Habitat loss is also another major threat, which forces many leopards to stray into human settlements. They often attack people and livestock and get executed as a result of it. According to India´s Wildlife Protection, at least 228 leopards have been executed since January 2006, in spite of their endangered and protected status.


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